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Orman Tells Injured People to “Let Somebody Help You” By Trusting in Structured Settlements

Suze Orman, financial expert, former CNBC celebrity, and New York Times best-selling author, urged injured people to consider structured settlements in their “greatest time of need.” Here are her powerful words:


“At your greatest time of need, not only if you’re the one who has suffered and you’re the one who is injured, and the one to be taken care of with your family, and if you think that when you are at the most emotional low and physical low of your life and if you think you have what it takes to handle that which can literally keep you going for the rest of your lives, I’m here to tell you that YOU DO NOT,” she said.

“So let somebody help you. Let us help you. Let us protect you. And let us make sure that everything works financially speaking simply by doing that which would protect you, which is a structured settlement,” Orman concluded.
Orman is scheduled to keynote NSSTA’s 2022 Annual Conference starting on May 5. According to an announcement from NSSTA, Orman will join Michael Goodman, NSSTA President, “to share her insights on the importance of providing sound financial solutions through the use of structured settlements for the clients we support.”
Orman’s association with NSSTA highlights how well viewed the profession is by many, including members of Congress. The Structured Settlement Caucus was established 14 years ago with former Congressman and civil rights giant John Lewis. 
“There’s no other caucus like it on Capitol Hill,” commented Eric Vaughn, NSSTA Executive Director. “Seventy members of Congress from both sides of the aisle are in that caucus. Those members of Congress, they can’t agree on the colors that should be on the flag, but they can agree that structured settlements make sense.”
Vaughn credits much of that bipartisan support to a broad coalition of partners in the disability community, consumer rights organizations, the plaintiff and defense bar, claims officials, and insurance companies. “They’re the reason why members of Congress will stop, listen and act on our behalf,” Vaughn said. “The last seven chairs of the House Committee on Ways and Means, all of them have said the exact same thing to me at one time or another. ‘I strongly support what you do. I completely understand what you do. You will always have my support.’”


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