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What Is Driving the Current Financial Markets?--Second Quarter 2013 Recap

We know that many of our clients are concerned about the volatility we experienced in the financial markets during the second quarter of this year. Therefore, we'd like to present our insights into what transpired, what the catalysts were and our forecast for how the markets will react throughout the remainder of the year. Here is a basic recap of what transpired: The second quarter was a tale of two halves in the U.S., with mixed performance to go along with the mixed economic data. Financial markets reacted strongly in mid May after the Federal Reserve announced that its asset purchase program could soon wind down. All areas of the global fixed-income markets declined as real yields spiked. Global equity performance was mixed, with U.S. stocks outpacing most other regions. In the U.S., small caps led large caps. Emerging markets, encompassing both debt and equity, were laggards on rising treasury yields and uncertain growth in China. Concerns about moderating emerging m
Thanks to everyone who attended the White House Financial & Settlement Consulting Client, Family and Friend appreciation event at our farm on Saturday! Thanks to my wife  Leslie Tewes White , daughters and team for making it a great event for the 9th year! Thanks to mother nature for the beautiful weather!! These events really make me appreciate the wonderful community of people I am blessed to associate with through my work, friends and my family! THANKS! White House Financial & Settlement Consulting helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs live easier and less stressful lives through the proper management of their financial resources.  We do this by acting as our clients’ trusted  adviser  providing a personal touch customized to the client’s needs!  Please visit our web site at   or contact us directly for more information!

The Keys to Unlocking Social Security and Making Your Benefits Work for You

The role of Social Security in retirement planning is an important factor for long-term financial well-being.  The link below will take you to a video about the various options for Social Security recipients.  This is timely and important information for everyone regardless of when you are eligible to receive your benefits. ***The Keys to Unlocking Social Security***