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January 18, 2013   We recently had a client contact us who wanted to know what she was earning in our money market fund because she had heard that another advisor was claiming significantly higher earnings on what they had to offer. During my over 15 years in the financial advising and investment business I have encountered this kind of reaction from clients several times. My experience and gut told me that if we were truly comparing apples to apples in terms of financial vehicles, earning a return that the competing advisor was claiming was highly unlikely. However, we always give people the benefit of the doubt and I never claim to know everything! I contacted several trusted resources including our broker dealer who had several employees who had recently worked for the competitor who was supposedly offering this higher interest rate. All of the sources confirmed that the competitor did not have such a money market fund that earns what they were claiming and that the product m

Fiscal Cliff Resolution Summary

We hope that you had a safe and wonderful holiday season and wish you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2013!!! We have been closely following the changes our government is advocating to avert the so called "fiscal cliff" and how it will affect our client's financial plans in the future.  While there are many details still to be hammered out and communicated, here is a summary of what we know now, based on the agreement currently on the table: Congress skidded to a halt with the front tires hanging over the fiscal cliff, with the House last night joining the Senate in passing Taxpayer Relief Act.  Initially, the stock markets have shown gains, however, we believe that this excitement will evaporate, because the buildup does not include raising the debt ceiling or longer-term budget cuts. Republicans and Democrats are hardening their positions ahead of the upcoming battle over the debt ceiling, which the government hit on Monday but which the Taxpayer Relief Act d