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  If you want the best opportunity to achieve ANY goal you should know WHY you are trying to achieve that goal. The stronger your WHY and the more your WHY relates to something other than YOURSELF the better chance you have in achieving that goal! Watch my short video below for more information on how you can achieve your goals! If I may be resource for you in any way please feel free to email me at  or call 734-272-4322 today! #financialfreedom #financialpeace #financialgrowth #financialadvisor #financialadvice #wealthmanagement #investing #investor #growth #investinyourfuture # saving  # investmenttips #investmentadvisor #financialadvisor #advisor #investmentstrategy #investmentportfolio #investmentmanagement #inflation #stockmarkets #sustainability #sustainableinvesting #womenandwealth #womenentrepreneurs #women #genderlensinvesting   #financialplanning #financialplanner This material is provided for educational purposes only a

Want to know what you get at my Women Wealth Well-being and Wine Workshop besides WINE?

 To some just the wine may be incentive enough, however, if you would like to know what else you get if you attend my    Women Wealth Well-being and Wine Workshop then click on and watch the video below! If you would like some of that and want to reserve your spot email me at  or call 734-272-4322 today! This material is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. The information contained herein is based on current tax laws, which may change in the future. LPL Financial cannot be held responsible for any direct or incidental loss resulting from applying any of the information provided in this publication or from any other source mentioned. The information provided in these materials does not constitute any legal, tax or accounting advice. Please consult with a qualified professional for this type of advice. Investment involves risks. International investing involves additional risks, including risks related to forei

What You Should Know About the Latest Fed Action

 I thought that you may be interested in a summary of our Chief Economist Dr. Jeffrey J. Roach's thoughts on the latest Federal Reserve Bank actions yesterday. A year ago today, the federal funds rate was close to zero, consumer price inflation reached 7.9%, and yet the 10-year Treasury yield was 1.79%. What a difference a year makes. Inflation clearly had more upside and from this vantage point, the Federal Reserve (Fed) was late in pursuing price stability. As expected, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) raised target rates yesterday by just 0.25% to a range of 4.50%–4.75%. After raising rates at the fastest clip since the 1980s, today’s fed funds rate is the highest since 2007. The rapid rise in rates has indeed tamed inflation. After reaching a peak last year, inflation rates have clearly decelerated as tighter financial conditions and better supply chains have both reversed the inflation trend. Inflation is poised to ease further in the coming months, which will give the