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Five questions to ask a structured settlement insurance company

A structured settlement annuity provides guaranteed payments over a designated period — for several years and even for a lifetime. Structuring your settlement is an important decision that will affect your client's, and perhaps your financial future. That’s why it’s important to carefully evaluate  the insurance company guaranteeing your client's structured settlement (and/or your deferred fee) and find the best option for them. All structured settlement annuity insurance companies are NOT created equal and it is therefore very important that the proper due diligence is performed on the company who will administer the structure, which is WHAT WE DO! We use the questions below to help guide your client during the decision-making process. 1. How long has the insurance company been active in the structured settlement market? Long-term financial products like a structured settlement annuity should come from long-term  providers that have a diverse mix of business. We only work