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Research Midyear Outlook 2023: The Path Toward Stability

  Our 2023 investing outlook started with a theme of returning to normalcy. Considering 2022’s market volatility and the aftereffects of the pandemic, the idea of finding balance was certainly a welcomed change. It’s a theme we could all embrace six months ago and what we will continue to rally around through year-end. That’s not to say that 2023 hasn’t come with its own set of challenges. We saw two regional banks fail in rapid-fire succession in March—and another closed its doors in May. Collectively representing over $530 billion in assets, the trio ranks as the second, third, and fourth largest bank failures to date. We also held our breath as a last minute deal to raise the debt limit came together as the clock ticked closer to default. Despite the market gyrations these events caused and a banking sector still on tenterhooks, the overall financial system seems stable. The insights in LPL Research’s Midyear Outlook 2023: The Path Toward Stability will help position our clients to

Women Wealth & Wellness Topics

 Greetings amazing wonderful people!  I just posted this short video that covers some of the topics that we talk about in my workshop and which I wrote about in my Women Wealth Wellness & Wine book!  Topics that I cover in the workshop and my book include the following: WOMEN IN THE WORLD TODAY  WHAT DO WOMEN WANT?  KNOW YOUR WHY!  THE NUMBER ONE “SECRET” TO ACHIEVING FINANCIAL SECURITY DEFINE YOUR GOALS!  THE SECOND “SECRET” TO ACHIEVING YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS INVESTING: BEYOND THE HEADLINES  INVESTING BASICS  BUILD YOUR FINANCIAL FOUNDATION  PARENTING & CARE GIVING  INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH!  UNDERSTAND YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY  UNDERSTANDING MEDICARE  LIFE AFTER DIVORCE OR LOSS  PROTECT YOUR WEALTH  HOW TO HIRE YOUR OWN FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL INVESTING WITH A GENDER LENS  RETIREMENT PLAN OPTIONS  RISK MANAGEMENT / INSURANCE  If you know a small or large group of women with strong values who are interested in learning more about building a strong foundation in wealth and wellness plea

Women Wealth Wellness & Wine Book Review!

  One of the newest athletes Kaily that I train @forgedbarbell gave me this note today and it made my day and year! I often times doubt whether I’m doing the right things in my life and whether I’m having a positive impact in the lives of my clients in both my financial and fitness businesses and right when I think I should be doing something else God sends one of his angels like Kaily to remind me that I am! THANK YOU GOD! Here is what her note said: Dear Cyril, I love your Women Wealth Wellness and Wine book! It’s like receiving fatherly advice if my dad had been a Certified Financial Planner and was still alive! Your family is blessed and beautiful! I look forward to learning more from you! Thank you, Kaily PS: I tried to draw you but maybe it looks like Jason Statham? You have a longer vertical line than him. This must mean I need to keep my day job! PSS: YOU’RE AWESOME!