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Case Study 1: Employment Litigation Wrongful Termination

  Situation Sarah, a former employee of ABC Power Cooling, Inc., was wrongfully terminated after she reported unethical activity involving her senior colleagues. Sarah and her legal team file a complaint against ABC Power Cooling, Inc. Settlement As part of the wrongful termination settlement, Sarah will be awarded a large sum of money. Solution After consulting with her White House Financial & Settlement Consulting and tax advisor, Sarah and ABC Power Cooling, Inc. agree to settle for periodic payments. This helps Sarah manage her transition and spread her tax liability over the duration of her annuity. Why Non-Qualified Annuity (NQA)? Outsource liability management with a trusted carrier: By utilizing our NQA, ABC Power Cooling, Inc. may be able to avoid a trial and its associated costs while transferring the periodic payment obligation to a company with strong financial quality ratings. Manage cash flows and tax impact for claimant: If managed properly, a sizeable settlement is