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A Landmark Moment In Structured Settlements.

We all hopefully know the security and income tax benefits of using a structured settlement annuity in a personal injury case.  However, many times low market based rates of returns have made the structured settlement annuity less competitive when compared to other traditional market based investment vehicles even when we factor in the income tax benefits.  

THAT IS, UNTIL NOW! With the introduction of its new iStructure product Independent Life Insurance company has created the first uncapped, index-linked structured settlement annuity! 

iStructure provides the opportunity for growth in future periodic payment amounts while still maintaining the same flexibility and tax benefits of structured settlements!

At the center of iStructure is the Franklin Bank of America World Index, an exclusive and custom-built index powered by the quantitative insights of Franklin Templeton and Bank of America.


Please contact us at (734) 433-1670 or and let us help you and your clients maximize your hard earned settlement dollars!  


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