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Pacific Life Deceases Structured Settlement Annuity Premiums!

Pacific Life and Annuity Company

Pacific Life Structured Settlements
Rate Change – Premium Decrease for Period Certain and Lump Sums only and Premium Increase for Life Contingent only

For a competitive custom quote of all structured settlement markets please contact us at (734) 433-1670 or

For almost 20 years we have been Michigan's best and only plaintiff focused structured settlement consultant!


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This week I was contacted by the father of a young man, let’s call the young man Joe who is age 20.  Joe had suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of an auto accident and had received a settlement of $50,000.  Joe’s father was concerned because Joe had already blown through half his settlement in a month due to his discovery of cocaine, which some new “friends” he was spending a lot of time with introduced him to.
Joe’s father had heard of something called a Structured Settlement, which he thought may help preserve the remainder of Joe’s settlement from being squandered.  Structured Settlements are a financial vehicle which have been around since the 1980’s that facilitate receiving a legal settlement with interest income tax free over time and can sometimes have benefits over receiving the settlement all at once in a lump sum, as in this case.
Joe’s father contacted me because my firm, White House Settlement Consulting that I founded in 2001, has been helping injury victi…