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When I started in the Structured Settlements business almost twenty years ago we donated a “BBQ / day at our farm” as an auction item for the Michigan Trial Lawyers Association  (MTLA), now known as the Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ), auction. An attorney who was working at a very big name firm at the time purchased our “BBQ/Day at Our Farm”, I still don't know how much she paid for it.  Her and her entire family came over on a Saturday for the barbecue. She has three daughters right around the same ages as ours. It just so happened that they had closed down some of the bridges over I 94 to work on them during this time.  It was a very hot and dry summer and our dirt road was very dusty. Right when our guests arrived at the farm huge semi-trucks and tons of traffic started flying down our street kicking up all kinds of dust.  I was mortified! I thought the party was going to be an absolute disaster and that our guests would hate us because of all the dust and traffic!  Dus…

Michigan Structured Settlements

We have over 20 years of experience helping Michigan plaintiff attorneys and their clients achieve peace of mind and their life goals by providing financial planning and structured settlement annuity consulting.

We meet with clients face to face at their convenience in their homes or attorneys office.

We get to know their hopes, dreams and fears so we can help them craft the best financial plan inducing a structured settlement annuity if appropriate.

(734) 433-1670

Michigan Structured Settlements

Structured Settlement Trusts

Many clients know us for providing leading edge structured settlement and financial advisory services to Michigan's plaintiff attorneys and their clients for almost 20 years.

However, many may not know that we also provide a full suite of Trust and investment services as well including:

Trust Types:

First Party Special Needs TrustsThird Party Special Needs TrustsSettlement Management TrustsMinors Trusts
Trust Services Offered:

Set UpAdministrationInvestment Management We have established trusted relationships with many of the most experienced and best trust companies in the country and can act as your point person for all your client's trust needs.
Please contact us at (734) 433-1670 or if you have any questions or need anything.
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