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How I help clients simplify their lives and how AI wont!


Hello! I hope that you are doing well! I’m Cyril White, Certified Financial Planner™ with Four Financial Management and I wanted to talk to you today about a recent actual client engagement that I had where it really brought home to me why I'm in this business as well as an example of how we can help you or someone you know. A woman who used to be a fitness training client of mine came to me to help her sort through the financial issues pertaining to the recent deaths of her parents and her husband.  She had all these insurance policies, investment and retirement accounts in her deceased parents and husbands names and she needed someone to help her make sure things were being done correctly. We sat down and went through all the insurance policies and accounts and educated her on the various implications of the different options pertaining to each.  She also needed a way to consolidate all of these various retirement and investment accounts that were all over the place and have them in one place with someone managing them and making sure that they are invested in accordance with her risk tolerance and her goals, which we could also do. By helping her with this difficult time and difficult decisions we were able to really take a huge burden and load off her shoulder during this difficult time. Being able to sit down with a client face to face and help them simplify their lives with what we do made me think about all the talk these days about artificial intelligence and how it is replacing the role of humans in many functions. In the case of my client I just described to you lost her parents and her husband and had all these financial things related to this to take care of and decisions to make does she want to call some call center and speak to some nameless face or maybe not even a person but a computer? Or does she want to be able to sit down with someone she knows and trusts? She knows where they work and can physically go there and they can help her go through this complicated stuff? That's what we do! If we can help you please let us know! Email at or give me a call at 734.272.4322! Also, we're having our Women Wealth, Wellness, Wine and Whiskey Workshop this Thursday if you are a women or know any women that are interested in learning more about personal financial planning as it relates specifically to women please let me know and I'll send you more information about that and we'd love to see you there! Thanks! #financialplanning #insurance #investment #wellness #artificialintelligence


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